Custom Responsive WordPress Websites

End Tech Headaches

You are a subject matter expert in your business.

It's your zone of genius. Your comfortable place, like your favorite, cozy chair.

Why spend hours of your time getting frustrated by trying to learn to how to DIY your own website? It's like sitting on a thorn bush. Could you do it, given the time and inclination? Yes, of course you could.

You're a smart cookie.

The real question is—do you even want to go that route?

Leave the thorny bushes of tech behind. Let me build a custom responsive WordPress website for your business. Your responsive website will scale so your site looks great when it's viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

I have a step-by-step process to get your site looking like the one you dream about at night. Elegant, clean design, and clear messaging.

I'm a different kind of techie—one that speaks your language.

I'm down-to-earth creative who can get you where you want to be. A website that is a joy to show off, helps bring in clients, and is your best 24/7 sales person.

I create brand cohesion for you across the vast digital landscape of the web. Your custom responsive WordPress website should be your anchor, your main hub for everything related to you and your glorious business.

Everything she stated in the beginning came to fruition and on time. Julia is a delight to work with. Her approach was user friendly for a technophobe like me! She was very personable and encouraging as she led me through the process and the end result is terrific! I was daunted by the idea of creating a website that would be useful to my patients and appropriate for a physician. Julia heard my concerns and responded with a product that really works. I would highly recommend Innerspace Marketing to anyone!

Leslie Westlund Craig, MD

Reproductive Psychiatrist

I've done enough website revamps to know there are really just two choices. Invest in your web design now, or go the budget/DIY route and end up investing in it later by hiring someone to make it over. The first choice saves you time, frustration, and money. The second choice takes longer, can leave you angry and shelling out way more money.

Could your nephew do it for you? Maybe, but remember that you'd be working with him one-on-one. He may be a code whiz, but does he understand (or want to understand) your design esthetic? Does he have a background in marketing, know the psychological triggers that help put people on the path to a yes buy? Possibly. Will he be responsive to your requests and decisions? Who knows? You could get lucky. Or you may just be taking the long way to get to where you ultimately want to be with your brand.

Innerspace Marketing worked with me to bring my online presence to life for both my brand and my website. I’ve received many compliments on both. Julia has a professional approach. She listened and offered several options and a variety of solutions based on my needs. She is responsive and follows through on commitments. Julia is tenacious with tracking down a solution should any issue arise and I highly recommend Innerspace Marketing.

Brenda Routt

Sales & Business Consulting

A Fun, Collaborative Process

We will work together to define your brand and get you thinking about your business from a customer's perspective.

I'll be with you every step of the way, and I'll be able to help you with any and all questions about your website.

The process takes about 1-month from start to finish. You'll provide the content (all the juicy words) and I'll build a beautiful site around it. Together, we'll uncover the right imagery, colors and fonts for your site.

Your build will be a priority. I only take a select few clients per month, so that each project is handled with white-glove service.

You'll Get:

The Nitty Gritty

The GO PRO package is an investment of $3500.*

First, you’ll click the Get Started button and tell me more about your business.

Next, we’ll schedule a discovery jam session to review your website goal (yes, you should have a goal for your website) and discuss your inspirations, must-haves, and desires.

I’ll draw up a project agreement that we’ll both sign. Fifty percent of the project fee will be billed after the contract agreement has been signed.

I’ll send you a worksheet to complete so we can get on the same page for your project. And you thought being out of school meant no more homework. It’s not as painful as you might imagine.

I’ll also setup a project plan in Asana so you can have full visibility into the project and its progress.

I’ll get started on the backend while you write all the wonderful copy for your site. I have some worksheets that can get you on the right path or I can suggest some wonderful copywriters if you feel like you need more intensive help. The good news is, words can be changed in mere seconds on the web. So if refinement is needed, it’s an easy change to make.

We’ll pull together graphics/images for your site. You are welcome to provide these or we can find images from stock photography sites.

I’ll integrate your email marketing forms on the site, and help setup your autoresponders.

We’ll shoot for a go-live date 30-days from your signed contract date.

Your final portion of the invoice fee will be billed on day 30 from the contract signing or actual go-live date, which ever comes first.

The most common delay of a go-live date is delivery of the words that go on each page. I know that sounds bit silly, but its true.

I’ll do my best to keep us both on track. Membership websites, eCommerce stores, and additional branding/graphic design may be added to this package for additional fees based on your project needs. Please click the button below and include your additional requirements.

*Cancellation of web design services requires 10-day written notice. Payment for time worked up to point of cancellation will be based on my hourly rate, and deducted from the refund. Time is tracked in my third-party time tracking tool.

Julia is the perfect Business Partner. She listens and incorporates my ideas with her own flair to create the perfect combination between professional and artistic. Exactly what I was looking for and she is now working on our next project.

Lezlee Liljenberg

Insurance agent & podcaster of Texas Talk Live with Lezlee